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Welcome to the ASHLAND UNIVERSITY Internatonal Student Site!
Transfer Information

Why transfer to Ashland

Top Transfer In Programs

  1. One of the most affordable private
    universities in the US.

  2. Small class size with average 16

  3. Top tier university ranked by US NEWS

  4. Offer international scholarships

  5. Ashland is one of the Ohio’s safest

  6. Offer E-Sports on campus and offer
    scholarship for the player, which
    welcome transfer students

• Accounting
• Art
• Biology
• Business Administration
• Business Management
• Chemistry
• Computer Software Applications
• Drafting Technology
• Early Childhood Intervention Assistant
• Economics
• Energy Management
• Film Production
• Insurance Professional a
• Kinesiology
• Liberal Arts - Social & Behavioral Science
• Marketing Production
• Networking Systems Technology
• Office Information Systems
• Professional Pilot Technology
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Toxicology

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