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Welcome to the BASTYR UNIVERSITY Internatonal Student Site!
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Why transfer to Bastyr University

Top Transfer In Programs

A pioneer in natural medicine, Bastyr
University is a nonprofit, private university
that is at the forefront of developing leaders
in natural health arts and sciences for the
21st-century. Bastyr offers graduate and
undergraduate degrees in science-based
natural medicine that integrates mind, body,
spirit, and nature. The University is also a
leader in conducting cutting-edge research
in complementary and alternative medicine
and in offering affordable natural healthcare
services in its local communities.

• Acupuncture
• Culinary Arts
• East Asian Medicine
• Exercise Physiology
• Kinesiology
• Massage Therapy
• Medical Laboratory Sciences
• Naturopathic Medicine
• Physiological Sciences
• Pre-Medicine
• Pre-Occupational Therapy
• Pre-Physical Therapy
• Psychology
• Public Health

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