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Santa Monica College

#1 Transfer to UCLA

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Everett Community College

Because You Have Dreams

High School Completion Program; earning dual credits for college.  Students transfer to top 100 universities throughout the USA.                                                               

Fullerton Colllege

Excellence Elevated

Staff at Fullerton College are dedicated to providing immigration advising, academic counseling & supports students in transferring to great universities.

Green River College

You can go anywhere from here

Outstanding “2+2” transfer program to top ranked US universities. High school graduation at home not required. On-campus housing.

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Olympic College


Guaranteed university transfer & transfer assistance available to 4-year universities.  On-campus employment, internships, and second year scholarship opportunities!

Santa Barbara City College

Located right on the Pacific Ocean

Recognized as the Number 1 Community College in the US by Aspen Research Institute withexcellent transfer opportunities to top universities.

Peralta Community Colleges District

Transforming Lives

Located in San Francisco Bay Area, next to UC Berkeley. Special Pathways Program with UC Berkeley and other UCs. 

Northern Virginia Community College

Start Strong at NOVA!

Six campuses located near the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. with accredited programs, with easy transfer to four-year schools across the U.S.

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