Why transfer to Oregon
Institute of Technology

Top Transfer In Programs

  1. We are Oregon’s Institute of Technology
    and are founded in excellence through
    hands-on learning.

  2. We are have two beautiful locations in
    Oregon with our traditional residential
    campus in Klamath Falls as well as our
    urban campus in the Portland-Metro area.

  3. We are known for our excellent programs
    in our College of Health, Arts, and
    Sciences and College of Engineering,
    Technology, and Management.

  4. Due to the hands-on nature of our
    programs, 97% percent of our students
    are employed or continuing the
    graduate school within 6 months of
    graduating and are starting with salaries
    of $58,000 on average.

• Computer Engineering
• Computer Programming
• Computer Software Applications
• Electrical Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Information Technology
• Management
• Manufacturing Technology
• Mechanical Engineering
• Medical Laboratory Sciences

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