Olympic College to Cal-State San Marcos

Erika - Japan

I am transferring from Olympic College to California State University-San Marcos to finish my bachelor degree in communication.   At Olympic College I had such an enjoyable time as I volunteered assisting new international students each quarter.   I was always busy at Olympic College with my studies and other activities.  The 2+2 program is the best!

Palomar College to UC Berkeley

Matthew - UK

My name is Matthew, and I am from the United Kingdom. I recently graduated from Palomar College, and have just started my first semester at the University of California, Berkeley, as a junior (3rd year student). I chose UC Berkeley because of its prestigious world ranking consistently being ranked in the top 3 engineering universities in the world. Palomar College gave me great academic opportunity.

Fullerton College to UC Irvine

Anna Karinnina - Russia

Started at Fullerton Community College and transfered to UC Irvine and saved my family over $50,000!

Broward College to FIT

Fernando Ibiza - Argantina

Miami Dade College staff helped me to transfer to Florida Institute of Technology with a scholarship.

Shoreline Community College to UW

Elena Radev - Bulgaria

I came from Bulgaria with limitted funds and starting at Shoreline and the international office supported my transfer to University of Washington. 

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Snow College to University of Michigan

Young Jae Hwang - South Korea

"The beauty of attending Snow College was the amazing outdoor program provided. The Center for Global Engagement offers opportunities for the international students to travel to the best national parks in the world. I traveled to Zion’s National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches, as well as the Grand Canyon. I am now a student at the University of Michigan and will remember these opportunities the rest of my life."

Santa Monica College to Columbia University

Melvin Tjahaha - Singapore

Melvin Tjahaha arrived at SMC in 2013 from Singapore. Two years later, he had transferred to Columbia University where his major is economics.  He credits SMC for his success in transferring: I felt that SMC was truly here to educate and prepare everyone for society. Going to class with students of all ages and demographics really opened my eyes. The importance of education was prevalent, the willingness to learn amongst the student body, and willingness to help from the faculty transformed me into student I was supposed to be.

Green River College to Purdue University

Jose Mendez - Colombia

I started at Ivy Tech and transfered to Purdue.  Ivy Tech's transfer partnership made this possible for me. 

Cal-State Fullerton

Ibrahim Safi - Saudi Arabia

Fullerton Community College made it possible for me to transfer and succeed at CSUF.

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