Why transfer to West Virginia University

Top Transfer In Programs

  1. WVU is ranked among the top 1.5% of
    research intensive universities worldwide.

  2. WVU is big, active, and has an engaging
    lifestyle. We have more than 460 student
    clubs and organizations and we are
    surrounded by state parks and national

  3. WVU is among the top 40 safest
    campuses in the U.S., according to the
    National Council for Home Safety and
    Security (2017).

  4. WVU is one of three U.S universities with
    an ABET-accredited Petroleum and
    Natural Gas Engineering program and is
    also home to the largest crime scene lab
    complex in the U.S.

• Biology
• Business Administration
• Business Management
• Computer Engineering
• Engineering
• Entrepreneurship & Innovation
• Exercise Physiology
• Forensic Science
• Hospitality
• Journalism
• Mechanical Engineering
• Public Health

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